Helping publishers regain a position of strength in the advertising economy so we can all enjoy free access to the content we love.

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Higher compensation for your content

In the current advertising ecosystem, less than 30% of the advertising spend typically reaches the publishers. AdHash helps you retain greater revenue share by reducing all intermediary fees to a single 3% commission which is verifiable through the AdHash Bidder.

New revenue streams

Currently, some publishers are earning 10 to 100 times more than others simply because of their geolocation or brand. This makes it incredibly difficult for small and niche content creators to compete. AdHash levels the playing field by introducing two new revenue streams: minting AD tokens as publisher rewards (for each verified click, on top of what the advertiser is paying per click) and voting rewards (for each correct vote). The two reward types are designed to fairly and consistently reflect your valuable contribution to the AdHash ecosystem.

No more revenue wasted on domain spoofing

By using Unique Hash IDs, we are able to divert earnings generated via domain spoofing from the fraudulent website to the wallet ID of the intended publisher.

An alternative to ad blockers

AdHash is the first protocol to enable users to directly bid against advertisers. Users can now remove all ads from their browsing experience without hurting your revenues.

Daily payments

Our digital currency enables micro transactions and daily payments. You no longer have to wait and have your earnings locked in a platform for months, or risk not being paid at all.

Financial security

All participants in our network are required to leave deposits executed by smart contracts. Thus, advertisers who purchase genuine inventory from you but try not to pay will be automatically detected and blacklisted and you will receive what you are owed.

Low transaction costs

Micro transactions are performed off-chain which reduces the blockchain transaction costs and sidesteps the current blockchain scalability limitations, making the AdHash Protocol uniquely suited to the high-speed transactions of RTB advertising.


Enhanced Control

The AdHash Server-Side Platform allows publishers to set new ad units, implement price floors and blacklists, adjust their storage allocation, maximum gas prices, and access the voting system from the platform.

10 times faster ad serving

Algorithmic improvements allow us to reduce the ad request load on each server by up to two orders of magnitude. This makes the ad serving process approximately ten times faster. Removing heavy ad formats and third-party scripts further contributes to this effect.

Accurate real-time data

The AdHash Server-Side Platform for publishers measures data directly from your server in real-time, guaranteeing accuracy, consistency, and immediacy.

Removing the complexity, intermediary fees, and data discrepancies

With the help of Unique Hash IDs, the AdHash Protocol enables publishers and advertisers to transact directly and securely without the need of any ad tech intermediaries.

Quality-driven market dynamics

Publicly available viewability metrics for all ad slots guarantee high demand for the best inventory.

User experience

No disruptive ad formats and third-party tracking scripts

Static ads do not distract from your content and are less heavy on your visitors' devices. Removing all third-party scripts reduces page loading times and enhances users’ privacy and security.

Safe advertising environment

Create a safe advertising environment for your users by implementing blacklists and whitelist for advertisers and creatives. For more information on blacklisting, blocking, and flagging, please visit our Help page.


Complete control over your data and inventory

Data is securely stored on your server and never shown to any third-party vendors. All advertisers are disclosed and verifiable. Inventory cannot be passed on or traded by anonymous third parties.

No risk of malware

Removing all third-party tracking and in-ad scripts eliminates any malvertising that might contain malicious code, malware, and ransomware.

Balance between privacy and transparency

AdHash combines blockchain and off-chain transactions to offer transparency while maintaining a level of privacy. Detailed transaction data is stored off-chain and only on your server. The application of off-chain transactions and public-key cryptography ensure that any sensitive information such as media buying patterns and bidding strategies remain private.

What do I need to get started?

1. Complete the join form for publishers.

2. Follow the steps from your email to install the AdHash Server-Side Platform on your server.

3. Once logged in, you can register your wallet. We will use this address to transfer your earnings. Publisher earnings are divided into two types:

  • from advertisers: the amounts paid by advertisers for each verified click (transferred once daily).
  • from minting: the AD rewards you earn from AdHash for each verified click (transferred once every 14 days).

To ensure the security of the AdHash ecosystem, the rewards accumulated from minting over a 14-day period will serve as your collateral and may be withheld in the event of a policy breach.

4. From the platform you can see your Unique Hash ID which is generated upon registration and is recorded on the blockchain. You can generate ad unit tags and implement price floors and blacklists.

5. And you are all set!

*The Voting platform will be introduced in a future release.