About us

Our mission

AdHash transforms the online advertising ecosystem by creating a more transparent, cost-effective, and privacy focused ad supply chain, which is the path to a brighter future for the open internet.

Advertising has played a critical role in democratising information for nearly 200 years. In the last decade, however, it has grown increasingly complex, opaque, and dysfunctional. Over 70% of ad spend is wasted on ad tech middlemen, forcing publishers to retrench, go out of business, or resort to paywalls. Advertisers spend copious amounts of money on ad tech solutions, only to receive data that are mildly accurate. Users’ personal data are being collected, packaged, and sold to the highest bidder hundreds of billions of times per day without our knowledge or consent. Over 600M ad blockers are installed due to privacy concerns and poor UX. A combination of technological inefficiencies and poor philosophical choices is driving a substantial loss of money, data, and privacy. This has lead to the rise of walled gardens and paywalls, and to the privatisation of the originally democratic architecture of the open internet.

At AdHash we believe that the digital ad industry, if wired properly, can unlock an extraordinary amount of capital for media to create more and better quality content outside of paywalls. The open internet and the free flow of information is a powerful driver of knowledge and we think it’s too big and too important to let it become privatised.

The team

Our team brings in the best and brightest ad tech specialists, software engineers, designers, and data scientists. Many of us have worked together for years successfully building and scaling ad tech platforms. Our diverse backgrounds (science, engineering, media, design) converge at one mission - making transparency and accountability the default state of digital advertising.

Over the past years we have completely re-engineered the protocol for real-time bidding, encoding these values into the framework and making AdHash the world’s first trustless protocol for digital advertising.

Who is AdHash for?

AdHash is for advertisers who want a more direct and transparent ad supply chain, for publishers willing to supply it, and for technology companies excited to build and innovate on top of it.